getting to know a little about me…

In childhood and early adulthood, I often felt deeply misunderstood and wondered what was wrong with me.

Throughout my life, I have faced significant challenges and developed strategies for overcoming personal traumas and losses.

I have a particular interest in early developmental trauma and how this plays an important part in psychological health. 

Existential questions motivated me to commit to further personal development through integrating the regular practice of mindfulness and meditation into my personal life and work. Working holistically (body, mind & spirit) and with integrity and intuition, I focus on the present whilst acknowledging your unique (past and current) circumstances.  

I learned to listen attentively to what is said (and sometimes not said.) 

Gestalt principles have become a way of being for me – an organic, compassionate and common sense approach to validating emotional and human needs for connection to self, others and the world and embracing change as a natural process from where you are right now.