Gestalt therapy

Allow me to introduce you to Gestalt therapy.

Gestalt comes from a German word meaning “whole”. So in this therapy approach, our focus is on how all of you – mind, body and the context of your environment – is experienced by you right now.

In this whole or holistic approach, we are concerned with your present experiences, how these affect your life choices now and where there may be blocks to a wider and more enriching life experience for you.

In psychotherapy and counselling, there are many models or conceptual ideas that help us to understand and make sense of the world we experience. But the Gestalt approach in itself is not a model or a technique.

In Gestalt, the stance is that we focus on you, bringing in whatever is present now. We can look at anything that comes up from your past when doing so makes understanding and growth more accessible and helps you to integrate all the parts of you into your whole being.