being you

“When you say “yes” to others, make sure you are not saying “no” to yourself.“

     Paul Cohelo

Are there times when you experience
…low self-esteem?
…low confidence
…guilt or shame?

Do you often
…feel stressed?
…criticise yourself?
…put other people’s needs almost automatically before your own?
…struggle with setting boundaries?

I wonder if you may have forgotten 
…to be real?
…to be true to you?
…to know your own needs?
…to value yourself?

Suppressing your needs, wants and desires happens subconsciously and it often happens so fast that you can be almost entirely unaware of your needs. You may just be left with vague, unexpressed feelings of unease and dissatisfaction. Over time, this chronic internal state can lead to depression, anxiety and even contribute to some physical illnesses. 

In an effort to overcome this unfulfilled state, you may be prone to make less than helpful life choices – in the job you choose to do, the relationships you choose and the habits you form and rely upon. 

How can I help?

In our work together, I help you to reconnect to the power of your vulnerability, to recognise your needs and learn to become true to yourself. Our work together is based on empathic, real human connection – focusing on the positives you may not see about yourself and addressing unhelpful patterns that originated in the past. Alongside this awareness, we will evolve tools and coping strategies to bring about lasting change.

Opening up in therapy and looking clearly at yourself may sound daunting or even scary. This is a very normal response as we are usually not used to therapeutic conversations. I will help you to overcome your fears about the process by working with you in a non-judgemental way, guiding you through self-compassion, self-observation and mindfulness towards self-acceptance and inner authenticity.

From your authentic self, you will evolve new ways of thinking, acting and behaving. Through expanded self-awareness, you will develop wider choices of how to respond to life’s challenges, no longer repeating old and unhelpful patterns. 

Gestalt therapy empowers you to become more present in each precious moment and experience the richness that living in the NOW offers.